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Sleeping in

Sleeping in Carpe Diem Beds is sleeping with a clear conscience Discover our pioneering work HOW WE C ARE C ARPE DI EM BEDS I N N OVAT I ONS & PATENTS Our years as premium bed makers has resulted in a number of innovations and patents. All of them are now incorporated in our beds * CDB WARRANTY 5 25 CDB WARRANTY NORDIC ECOLABEL * 331 036 Our beds carry the Nordic ’Swan’ eco-label and comply with Swan’s requirements for environmental impact throughout their lifetime. We use only material of consistantly high quality, Öko-Tex ® approved Talalay latex and fabrics and organically grown cotton. Our wood frames come from responsibly grown and environmentally approved forestry. We are members of and operate in accordance with the UN Global Compact – 10 principles for conducting sustainable business. In addition, by building quality beds that last and help minimise waste, while also being able to offer our customers a 25 year warranty on frame and spring breakage, and 5 years on motorised parts. CONTOUR POCKET SYSTEM Carpe Diem Beds Contour Pocket System adjusts to the contours of your body and molds to your every position. In our patented spring system, we have integrated the padding materials in each spring, instead of placed on top of the spring system. The result is a supreme level of comfort and ultimate comfort. VISCO ELASTIC BOTTOM LAYER Developed in cooperation with the Spinal Unit at Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Gothenburg as well as with massage therapists, the Carpe Diem Beds unique pressure relieving bottom segment allows the most burdened springs to subside instead of pushing back against the body. This provides a lower pressure against the body’s projections, thereby providing better conditions for sustained circulation. Overall, given better opportunities for undisturbed sleep and you wake up more refreshed and rested. BACK SUPPORT The back support in our Skaftö bed is constructed to make small adjustments of your body position when lying down, in order to obtain a more comfortable feeling. Thanks to the moveable midsection in the bottom of the bed, you can create perfect harmony between your hips and shoulders at the surface of the bed, whatever your height or weight. After a long day standing up, burdening your back, it can make wonders to get that little extra support for your back and hence an overall improved relaxation for your body. With attention to every little detail we have equipped our adjustable beds Saltö and Marstrand with an anti-pinch system. A lining of soft polyester material is placed on the frame of the bed to prevent the risk of pinching when you lower the adjustable beds into their flat position. The likelihood of a child placing their little fingers between the frame and the adjustable part was reason enough for us to take measures to avoid such an unfortunate event. LUMBAR SUPPORT The lumbar support in Marstrand and Vinga models are used in an upright position in order to get true seating comfort and prevent the back from dropping together. The integrated engine lets you control how much support is preferred for the lumbar section. Carpe Diem Beds CS-Pocket seal 1 0 1 1


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